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So far, there were no official stills released for The Fault in Our Stars movie but we've already seen some behind the scene pictures and videos (thanks to our very socially active author John Green). Here are some tips on how you could dress up like Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus "Gus" Waters in The Fault in Our Stars movie.

This is for theatrical purposes only. We would like to apologize if we offended some fans.

Hazel Grace Lancaster

Hazel's prominent feature is her pixie cut hair. Of course who would forget about her oxygen tank because her lungs suck of being lungs? Anyway, you could just use any of your tees and jeans from your closet and dress up like Hazel. If you wanted to dress like what can you see on the above photos, here are some stuff you can buy at Amazon.

Augustus "Gus" Waters

It's never difficult to find Gus' outfit. However, if you wanted to stand out and be recognized as Gus, you should just put an unlit cigarette on your mouth - it's a metaphor you know. Here are some Gus-inspired outfit based on the set photos above.

Fake Cigarette (remember to be cautious when handling this kind of thing) It's best if it's not puffed or it is unlit.


  1. please read my book review and letter to John Green about The Fault in Our Stars. :) thanks! www.cupcakesandteaandbooks.blogspot.com


  3. to be wife of augustusMay 20, 2014 at 1:22 PM

    Love this book so much (k) cant wait for the movie (f)

  4. These are really wonderful/detailed costume ideas, and I'm hopefully going to do it up right as Augustus this weekend. But I'm not a fan of the faux-oxygen trolley. When used in a costume for something other than a theatrical performance, it kind of trivializes the myriad of health conditions indicated by such a device. Tread carefully. Otherwise, realllly good ideas.

  5. yeah as a disabled/sick person, i'm with hilary on the fake medical equipment.

  6. I just have to say that this is extremely offensive. I'm struggling with stage 3 thyroid cancer currently, and it's nothing to romanticize or glorify in a costume. I think it's tacky and wrong. I would burst into TEARS if I saw someone dressed up as Hazel on Halloween.