4:12 AM
In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly (EW), Shailene Woodley, who will play Tris in The Fault in Our Stars movie, gushed about how she jokes around with Ansel Elgort. The two actors are currently working in another movie called Divergent, which is based on a best selling novel by Veronica Roth. In Divergent, they are playing brothers and sisters Caleb and Tris Prior. 

Shailene on Ansel:

“I’m like, ‘In a few months, buddy, you’re going to be my lover.’”

“Ansel is so good. I’m so excited. He blew it out of the water,” she says of the time they read the parts of Gus and Hazel together. “And he’s a real sweetheart. I’m so excited to have him in my life.”


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