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In a recent interview with MTV, Sam Trammell gushed that he cried a thousand times reading the script of The Fault in Our Stars. He also revealed that the movie is faithful to the book.

on the script:

"I cried like five times reading that script," Trammell told MTV News on the red carpet at GQ's Gentlemen's Ball this week. "It's really faithful to the book, and I think a lot of fans are really going to appreciate that. It's gorgeous and sad, too. I spent a lot of time crying."
on Ansel Elgort (Gus):

"Ansel is amazing, and Shailene is genius. They're so cute together. They're amazing. They're both just such honest actors," he said.

on the best scene in the movie:

"Maybe the egg-throwing scene, where they're throwing eggs at the car," he said. "I wasn't in that scene, but I heard it went really well. That's a good one. There's so many great scenes in that movie."

The movie will be released on June 6, 2013.


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